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Bocce (pronunciation: baa-chee) is a lawn or yard game that's played with eight weighted balls aimed at a smaller target ball, or pallino. The objective of the game is to earn points by getting your balls closer to the pallino than your opponent does.

The ''bocce'' in bocce ball is the plural for the Italian word that means ''bowl,'' and the sport is similar to British lawn bowling. The balls used in bocce ball and croquet also share some similarities; however, regulation bocce balls are larger and heavier. Bocce rules are fairly straightforward, and people of all ages and skill levels can play the game. Plus, you can use just about any patch of level ground as a bocce ball court.

2 artificial turf bocce ball courts are located in Fantle Memorial Park 19th Street and Douglas Ave.

There is also an indoor bocce ball court at Ben's Brew Station.


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